Treehouse Cabins Design Ideas

Sep 10th

Treehouse cabins – The main difference between wooden house construction and other construction is that a treehouse cabins is built on a platform hung in a tree instead of a foundation on the ground, and then apply construction knowledge from terrestrial projects.


Ideas for make treehouse cabins, Make a thorough plan. Use graph paper software to create a plan or model of the wooden house that you want to build. Consider how big you want to make your treehouse cabins and how high. Building wooden house closer to the ground to ensure that branches and trunk, as you put your platform will not move much. Find a good tree or trees. Trees can withstand a few nails in them, but only the main to the platform must be bolted to the tribes. The rest of the structure should be built on the platform and does not require attachment to the trunk. You can also attach your platform for more than a tree.

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Build Platform. A pair of 2 x 12 boards attached to the trunk and branches, or bound to two nearby trees growing each other can serve as bars to support the platform. Build a railing. Placing a fence built from 2 X 4 lumbers around the platform may be all that’s needed for a simple treehouse cabins. Building walls. Walls can be constructed with 2 X 4 lumber and built directly on the platform, or built on the ground and then hoisted into the tree. Do not forget to frame the windows in your walls. Build a tree or rope ladder to gain access to the house. Simply pounding rung in the trunk of the tree is not good for the tree or especially safe.

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