Protect Garden with Garden Netting

Sep 5th

Garden netting – Wasps can be a real nuisance when people are active outdoors. They are attracted to food, and their stings can cause severe allergic reactions in people. You can reduce the number of wasp colonies around your home by capturing the queens in the spring. Homemade wasp trap is also an effective way to remove workers in the summer.

Garden Bird Netting Home Depot
Garden Bird Netting Home Depot

Wasps and bees are beneficial insects and can help pollination in the garden, but as matter of fact, a lot of gardeners dislike having wasps around. These insects can sting if provoked, a fact that makes many gardeners worried. If you experience a wasp problem in your garden or just want to give yourself peace of mind while pruning your plants, consider mixing up your own homemade wasp repellent sprays to apply directly to your plants to deter wasps or you can install garden netting in your garden.

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You can protect your garden from rodents by erecting garden netting around garden plots. Bricks associated with mortar, concrete and galvanized sheet also functions as rodent barriers. Humane traps – especially when baited with pumpkin seeds, nuts or pieces of bacon – work as a targeted solution for mouse and rat problems. Of course, a good old-fashioned cat also works wonders as a natural, versatile rodent repellent.

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