Pool Stairs Design Ideas

Dec 6th

Pool stairs – When creating access to your pool, you can choose different types of stairs, prefabricated or masonry. Today you’ll focus on the latter, whose constructive vary depending on the system that was used to build the vessel. The first is that of a pool of concrete. For your ladder he waited until the process was finished concrete as it is not advisable to perform the steps before, because it could weaken the glass. In this case the ladder shaped arc, and the first step was to rethink its silhouette on the walls of the pool. They have been used to build bricks, and searched it out solid whole, covering each hole with cement paste (cement plus sand without stones). Thus the gap prevents sound underfoot.

Pool Stairs Style
Pool Stairs Style

In the second, the pool stairs work has been built in an existing pool, and the material used is concrete, reinforcing and forged inside the walls with iron rods. It was coated with a similar granite that there were, marking the edge of the steps with another color to highlight their presence.

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In the design of pool stairs work in pools must try to escape the complicated and angular forms to facilitate cleaning and water circulation. It is recommended that the size of the footprint is 25-40 cm and the riser can be higher than normal (20-30 cm), because when you are in the water this you support as well.

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