Outdoor Canopy Tents Design

Sep 6th

Canopy tents – But to buy or rent a canopy cost more than £ 65. With a few simple tools and less than half an hour of your time, you can build your own canopy tent. Depending on the material you choose, your canopy tents are stylish or purely functional.

White Canopy Tents
White Canopy Tents

Make an outdoor canopy tents, choose your material. If needed, cutting or sewing it to the desired size. Rectangles, squares or triangles work well. If you use a tarp or dust sheet, buy a big enough to fit your purpose. If you are building a fabric tent, choose a light-colored fabric that will let some sunlight through.  Holes in the corners of the material with your grommet tool. Insert grommets. The holes will keep your poles in place. Punch a hole in the middle, if you want a five-pole tent with a conical shape. Punch two holes on opposite sides of the longer edge of a rectangular piece of fabric to a more traditional tent like form. This option would require six poles.

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Stand four corner poles on the ground where you want to put the corners of your tent. You need someone to help you keep each pole. Use wooden or bamboo poles with dowels for decorative canopy tents or aluminum tent poles of purely functional canopies. Alternatively, using the four screw eyes to attach the tent to a wall, a fence or a tree.

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