Ideas for Put Trex Decking

Sep 3rd

Trex decking – According to the has Trex decking materials “the natural beauty of wood but leave the rotting and splitting.” It is very easy to maintain because it does not require paint or stain and can withstand the elements. According to the Trex site, is the product obtained by means of a combination of plastic and wood fibers which is molded in a natural-wood-like product. About Trex decking requires careful measurements and some specialized power tools. But it is a project that can be completed by a skilled craftsman.

Wonderful Trex Decking
Wonderful Trex Decking

Goal covered frame with a tape measure. If you want to Trex decking boards to overhang the deck skirting, add overhang amount to your measurement. Transfer deck measuring length to the lower ends of the decking material using measuring tape and pencil. Cut Trex decking material by means of a miter saw. Place the board on the saw table with the labeled side up and place the saw blade, so it just cuts the pencil line.

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Place cut board on the deck joists 1/4-to 1/2- inches away from the permanent structures, adjacent covered, such as a House. Screw decking of the beams. The screws should be placed 1 cm from the board ends. Use two screws ends and a screw per porters down the middle of trex decking. Tighten the screws perpendicular to the decking. Place the other table, even with the first. Continue the installation process until you reach the end of the deck. Cut the last board to fit the remaining space. Measure from the edge of the boards to the outside of the end joist. Cut the board with a router or circular saw and attach the same way as the other planks.

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