How Pour Deck Footings

Sep 4th

Deck footings – First, place the deck, and the participation of the fundamentals every 4 feet. Pound stakes into the ground where you are located the foundation. Make sure there is one on every corner. Digging holes for deck posts. Measure the hole depth according to local building codes. Pour 2-3 inches of gravel in the bottom of each foot hole. Cut concrete forming tube 2 inches longer than the hole depth. Repeat for each foot hole. Place the tubes in the foot holes, leaving about 2 inches of the pipe above ground level. Make sure that the tops of the tubes are level.

Deck Footings Plans
Deck Footings Plans

Pack soil around the deck footings tubes. Mix and pour concrete. Mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow. Make sure the concrete is firm enough to hold its shape when cut with a trowel. Pour the concrete mix slowly into the tubular shape. Pass the concrete into the tubular shape of the wheelbarrowl. Tamping the concrete with a long stick to remove air pockets. Level the concrete in each tube shape. Draw a 2-inch by 4 inch board over the top of the tube.

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Insert a J-bolt at an angle in the wet concrete in the middle of each foot. Let the J-bolt in the concrete slowly wiggle it gently to avoid air holes. Turn the J-bolt thus exposing ¾ inch to 1 inch above the concrete. Remove any wet concrete on the J-bolt. Use a plumb line to make sure the J-bolt right in the middle. Plumb the J-bolt, with the aid of a torpedo level. If necessary, the bolt to the torpedo level read plumb, and wrap the concrete. Allow the concrete to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Cut the exposed part of the tube. Pouring deck footings was finished.

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