Good Landscape Architecture Ideas

Sep 5th

Landscape architecture – The landscaping is born in a spontaneous and natural way so given the need to adapt biodiversity with already built, then conceptualized and established the basis for academically are created. Mainly history dates back to the earliest civilizations which existed planting agricultural purposes, such as the Egyptian, in our country, were the Aztecs. Gradually evolved along with it the social and cultural life of man, developing from small gardens to be seen as part of nature and the cycle of life, being important part for understanding landscape architecture, making it clear that the two terms are similar but are not the same.

Wonderful Landscape Architecture
Wonderful Landscape Architecture

Landscaping as a definition is the branch of architecture that manages the open space and the elements that comprise it, creating a relationship between biotic and abiotic factors, performing logical and orderly a modification of the natural and built landscape, with the aim of create utility or entertainment for improving the quality of human beings spaces, the relationship equitably between man and the natural environment. Another objective of landscape architecture is the search for harmony between the elements of the landscape and the user.

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Traditionally it defined to landscape architecture as the art of transforming and organizes natural physical elements for the enjoyment of man. Today, no clutch, it has come to integrate landscape architecture in the general urban design in order to unitarily structure open spaces in cities.

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