Garden Statuary Ideas

Sep 5th

Garden statuary-A concrete statue can add a personal touch to your yard or garden. Design your own statue and casting it yourself is the best way to get a custom function in your garden statuary. The mix you use to make the statue is just as important as the design. Consider using a pre-mix. There are several companies that manufacture light mix varieties to make statues. Fiber-reinforced, mixed with sand and surface binding concretes, which can be successfully formed into specific shapes, in bags and need only be mixed with water before being poured into molds.

Garden Statues at Lowes
Garden Statues at Lowes

Examine the glass fiber reinforced concrete. This type of concrete is somewhat more complicated, since the glass fibers must be mixed into the emulsion base before it can be used to cast the statue. After the concrete is dry, it must be sprayed with a special finishing spray before placing them outside. Glass fiber concrete, which comes in a kit, is the most environmentally friendly because it uses less water than other varieties. Make your own mix. This is a bit trickier because you need to know the exact amount of each ingredient or else your mix is too wet or too dry. Mixes can be easy with a smooth surface, or more complicated, and set with fiberglass for a robust, environmentally friendly garden statuary.

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