Functional and Attractive Heated Driveway

Sep 6th

Heated driveway – If you are building a home or reconstruct a driveway and want something more interesting than a typical concrete slab or a bed of gravel, you can take several alternative approaches to driveway design. Rather than being something that is purely functional and a bit ugly, a unique, well-designed driveway will add visual appeal and a more welcoming feeling to your home exterior landscape.

Standard Heated Driveway
Standard Heated Driveway

If you live in a climate with cold, snowy winters, consider a heated driveway. This driveway will eliminate all hours you spend in winter shovels and de-icing your driveway. Both electrical systems and hydronic systems are available. Electrical systems have cables beneath surface and waterborne systems have hot water pipes running beneath surface of driveway.

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Use cobblestone or brick pavers instead of concrete will create a heated driveway that mimics roads in a rustic European village. Both are easy to install and can be used with or without mortar. Cobblestone or brick is also convenient to make curved edges. Bricks can be very uniform, or you can use different sizes and shapes for a more mottled appearance. Flanking two front corners of your driveway with concrete ornaments to create a grand entrance. A wide range of specific ornaments are available, including statues, balustrades and birdbaths. It is possible to integrate icing into driveway, so it is safe and stable. Concrete ornaments can also be stained, if necessary, to match driveway.

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