How to Clean Plastic Decking

Sep 4th

Plastic decking – Plastic composite decking requires regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris to avoid stains from mold growth. Cleaning your decking regularly will increase its service life and prevent injury. Choose a sunny day, so tires will dry faster, and for best results, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning products.

The Plastic Decking
The Plastic Decking

Remove all furniture and objects from the deck surface and handrails. Sweeping and removing waste material from the plastic decking surface before cleaning. Spot clean rust stains on the deck with an oxalic acid cleaner. Wash and rinse the spot remover quickly to avoid damage to the tire surface. Spot clean oil or grease stains on the deck surface with a degreasing agent containing sodium hydroxide and propylene glycol. Wash and rinse quickly to prevent changes the grain pattern on the deck.

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Spot clean berries or wine stains on the deck surface by mixing a solution of one part bleach to 10 parts of water. Wash and rinse quickly to avoid damage to the tire surface. Wash the deck surface and railing of a plastic decking detergent containing sodium percarbonate. Apply cleaner and scrub in a circular motion with a long-handled brush thoroughly clean the surface. Rinse all cleaner and dirt from the tires immediately with a hose or low pressure washer. Dry tires in sunlight completely before putting furniture, grill or plants back on it. Place a fatty-catch pan under the grill to prevent grease stains.

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