How to Build a Treehouse in Simple Ways

Sep 8th

How to build a treehouse? It is difficult to describe in words feeling that comes from being perched on a tree: contact with nature, adventure of exploring branches, being away horizon and reaches world with look, have a new perspective. Many of us have dreamed of having a house on tree, that our place where we play, climb, rest, invite friends, look at stars, we discovered a nest, we spy underdog…


How to build a treehouse in a simple tree require a series of not always easy to meet requirements. First, we need to choose right place, and this is not always easy. Own garden or land where we have a tree grown enough, although there are people who build them in public spaces, from wilderness areas to urban parks.

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Each tree house is crystallization of a dream, each person is different and each project is special, personalized, and custom made. When we face design we try to touch those dreams, because every tree house must be on boundary between imagination and reality. How to build a treehouse? Each tree is different: height, shape of its branches, resistance, species, wood type, sensitivity to fungi, and growth rate … before design conducted a comprehensive measurement of shaft by photogrammetric, this procedure It allows us to produce an accurate 3D model of structure of branches and perfectly adapt house to its shape.

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