Build A-Frame Porch Awnings

Sep 5th

Porch awnings – The weather can cause a porch to be hot or wet. A-frame awnings attached to the house or building above the door and extend beyond the porch. The name A-frame is somewhat misleading, because awnings actually look like half of an A, instead of the whole A.

Stylish Porch Awnings
Stylish Porch Awnings

Build porch awnings, Measure the length and width of the porch, and select the height of the awning. The length of the porch is from the wall to the end of the porch. The bottom of the awning is mounted on the wall three inches above the door, and the edge is attached to the house is usually 1-2 meters higher than the outside edge. The awning slopes down from the wall to the edge of the porch. Cut the two tubes are cut to the width of the porch in thirds. The height tube is cut to the height desired porch awnings on the wall. Connect the three of width tube with T connector.  Apply cement in the ports of the three-way connector, and place one on each end of the width pipes.  Glue the inside of the elbow connector and push them on the open ends of the height tube.

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Place the tube length in the open ports on the elbow connectors and place the other end into the lower ports on the 3-way connector to the second width tube.  Measure from an open port on the T-connectors on the top width of the tube to the T-connectors at the bottom width tube and cut four tubes to this length. Remove the four tubes the length you just measured, and apply cement to the outer edge of the ends of the pipes. Slide two pipes in the open T-connector. Cut the sides so that they can be wound around the frame. Hold the porch awnings in place and attach the clamps on the top corners of the vertical pipe and in the center of the upper horizontal pipe. Using a drill and screws to attach the brackets to the wall.

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