Big Advantages of Garden Carts

Sep 5th

Garden carts – When it’s time to start hauling mulch, move potted plants and get raked leaves to compost bin, one garden cart or wagon is an effective solution for transporting materials. Major landscaping projects require a heavy-duty trailer or truck, capable of carrying stones, large plants or bulk material for your creative design efforts. Determine your next landscaping and gardening needs before investing in a wagon or cart, then try one out at your garden center before purchase.

Steel Garden Carts
Steel Garden Carts

A garden vehicle having two wheels, a hopper for carrying cargo, and a handle to push and guide trolley. Wheel size varies among designs. Wagons with small wheel sit low to ground, and typically have a small funnel of molded plastic or metal. Design with large bicycle-type wheels are typically constructed of a metal frame with wood siding and jumps at bottom. Garden carts have four wheels, with two fronts at a bar or shaft attached to a pull handle. Body is typically made of metal. Some look like a child’s little red wagon while larger, landscape-scale vehicles have built-up side walls or rails.

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Stability of two or four wheels on ground providing landscaping and garden carts and wagons one advantage over wheelbarrows, which has a single point of ground contact and potential to tip over. Large-wheeled carts rolling smoothly over uneven terrain, even when carrying a heavy load. In contrast to a wheelbarrow, in which whole weight is lifted and maneuvered on your own body weight is carried by a truck or loading of its wheels, reducing potential for back and muscle strain.

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